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Analyze all aspects from weld pool to spattering characteristics in high resolution and super slow-motion

High-speed Cameras in 
Laser Material Processing

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In Additive Manufacturing processes, metal powder is evenly distributed in thin layers and sintered by a high-power laser beam at accurately determined locations. Multiple parameters individually influence the properties of the final workpiece such as the density and surface characteristics.

The continuous and detailed process control ensures the quality of the final product. Researchers and developers use our high-speed cameras to design control methods for the optimal positioning, focusing, speed, and intensity of the laser beam. Depending on the material composition and requirements on the workpiece, those parameters need to be optimized specifically.

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Additive Manufacturing / 3D-Printing

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Today, lasers are applied in welding applications more and more due to their accuracy and flexibility. Similar to applications in 3D-Print, the laser welding of metals and plastics requires the accurate control of multiple parameters. This is essential to achieve the desired results.

For the monitoring of the weld pool in keyhole as well as in conduction mode laser welding, cameras need to capture videos at several 1000 frames per second with outstanding light sensitivity and high dynamic range. Such cameras enable the exact analysis of the process from melting to cooling.

The spatter characteristics of the material around the laser beam provide insight into the correct power, focus, and speed of the laser. Again, cameras need to record at extreme speed to analyze the quantity, size, and reach of the spatters.

How may high-speed cameras support you with your challenges in Laser Welding?

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